The Grand Canyon

After our late night and only a few hours sleep we went down to the Hertz desk to enquire about a car. We managed to hire a Mustang…dark grey, fast and fat! We went back upstairs to finish checking out a left at 11am . We were lucky to get a free GPS with out car (don’t know what we would have done without it) . Chris drove and I did some serious co-driving, trying to work out the roads and what side of the road to be on!

We headed out of Vegas and our first stop was Hoover Dam. It was pretty spectular with the big white bridge and 007 James Bond dam. It is also half in Nevada and half Arizona.

Next stop was Kingman, an historic Route 66 town with lots of Route 66 signs. We stopped a a diner, our very first diner, and had a cheese burger, chips and milkshake!We raced to the Grand Canyon to get there for sunset at 6pm and just got there in time to park the car and run to one of the lookouts. It was freezing and windy but magnificent.

The Grand Canyon is truly the most epic thing I’ve seen.We had a room booked at the Bright Angel Lodge. The lodge is made up of lots of old log cabins. We had a beer and went to bed. The next morning we hiked down the Bright Angel trail. It went down a little way into the canyon and was a well built track with lots of switchbacks.

Next stop we went to the airport for a helicopter ride over the canyon. It was amazing. The first time the helicopter goes over the cliff and you get to look down was really cool. Chris was in the back with 3 other ladies and I was up the front with the pilot. The ride was about 30minutes and cost us only $320.

We stopped at Williams on the way back to Vegas. Williams is a bit like Kingman but even more Route 66 stuff. We bought a few souvenirs and had lunch before racing (160miles/hr) back. We loved that mustang!!We checked into Circus Circus which is up the north end of the strip. There were tonnes of kids running around and there is an adenturedome and stuff. When we paying the pokies there were trapeze artists flying around above our heads!