Morro Bay – Santa Barbara – LA

We drove down to the Morro Bay marina to find that the town was a cute little fishing village cross nuclear power plant. There were seals under the gangway in the marina, their little puppy faces are too cute.

Next stop was San Luis Obispo for a coffee and a look at bubble gum alley. Once apon a time, someone stuck their gum on the wall in this alleyway and people have been doing it every since. The whole alley is covered in bubblegum and there are bees buzzing around them! We had a coffee at this funky German cafe before driving to Santa Barbara.

In Santa Barbara the sun finally came out and we strolled along the pier and the beachfront. We spent an hour here before getting back on Pacific 101 and heading to Los Angeles.

The LA traffic is pretty epic and it isn’t really one big city, but actually a bunch bigmseparate cities connected by freeways. First we drove up to the top of Griffith Park for a view of the Hollywood sign. Then we headed across town to our hotel the La Quinta, near LAX.

We decided to book our 2 remaining nights here because we couldn’t be bothered moving, plus it had free breakfast and a free shuttle to the airport.This was the last night of the tour and some of us went to Manhattan beach for what turned out to be quite a drunken night!