Monterray – Morro Bay

We stopped in a cute sleepy seaside called Monterey. The main part is called Cannery Row and was made famous by the author John Steinbeck. After spending an hour looking around town we had a picnic down by the ocean of hot chooks, organic broccoli and quinoa and vege curry…yummy!

We drove for hours down the California Pacific Highway 101 south to San Simeon where we were supposed to spend the night camping. The weather had turned bad and was forecasted to rain all night so we all opted to pay extra and get a hotel room.

The coast was beautiful, rugged and remote with the road hugging the steep cliffs overlooking the great Pacific Ocean. I had imagined doing this trip in a convertible with the top down and sun shining on my skin. But the freak storm that had moved over California since we’d been here meant it was cold, windy and rainy. They had even predicted snow in Los Angeles where it apparently never snows, especially not now! We later learnt that Vegas had had a flash flood and another tour group were unable to leave their hotel.

We drove on another hour to Morro Bay and booked rooms at the Travel lodge. We setup the camp stove and cooked dinner in the carpark outside Jane’s room and had drinks sitting in the gutter! Fun times…flash camping! Chris hid all her towels and pillows and made fake coke lines out of flour on her dresser….hilarious! This trip was supposed to be a camping trip with 4 nights camping…we only camped once and so our sleeping bags are still practically new!