Las Vegas

Vegas baby


Left home at 4.15am on Monday morning for our 5.30am flight from Cairns to Brisbane. In Brisbane we had a 3 hour wait for our flight to Los Angeles. The flight was 13.5 hours I think and went much better than expected. We got 2 meals, watched movies, played games had a few drinks and a couple of little naps. After landing in LAX and going through immigration, we had another 3 hour wait for our flight to Las Vegas. We flew with SouthWest and people bring their dogs on the plane!

We got a cab to our hotel, the Flamingo which is about in the middle of the Las Vegas Boulevard. We were upgraded to a mini suite and it was awesome! We had a great view of the Bellagio fountains and a big fat king size bed.By this stage we had been travelling for over 24 hours and it was about lunch time in the States so we had a little siesta for a few hours. When we got up we went exploring around the hotel. The casino is pretty huge, there is a wildlife habitat with flamingos and koi fish. There are a few restaurants, bars and also show theatres.We went for a walk up the strip checking out a few hotels.

In the Palazzo there is a huge multi level shopping centre with big roman statues. In the Venetian there is also tonnes of shops and it is like walking through the streets of Venice. The ceiling is painted and lit to look like day time, there are cobble stone paths, cafes and ornaments everywhere.For dinner we went to a Mexican restaurant in the Flamingo, then we thought…went in Rome…we’d have a gamble!We learnt how to play craps and won $160!!!!!!! So much fun. I think we lasted until 10pm before jetlag put us to bed.

The next morning we signed up to go check out the Wyndam resort in exchange for free tickets to the show Jubliee (like old school vegas show) and a buffet diner at the Paris hotel. The resort tour was a bit tedious and they tried pretty hard to get us to buy in, but we escaped unscathed.The buffet was amazing. The restaurant was like a little French village and each ‘shop’ served different dishes from soup, cheese, a roast section, salad section, seafood, chicken coq au vin, beef bourgeonon, even sushi! And a huge selection of deserts. We tried to at least taste everything….we nearly died! After the dinner we went to the show and had tickets pretty close to the back but just as the show started the usher took us down to one of the tables right at the front of the stage!! The costumes were all very show girl with glitz, glamour and feathers…. lots of topless girls and g-stringed men and women! The sets were amazing too and there were a few acts between, 2 balancing guys and one where they tumble and climb ribbons. We tried playing craps and black jack again, but our beginners luck had run out. But least drinks are free. We went back up to our room and it was about 4am, Chris ordered room service pizza then we went to bed.


We had to check into our tour hotel, the stratosphere, so we drove over and dropped our bags off so we wouldn’t have to carry them around.We drove the mustang to Bass Pro, this big outdoor store that is full of stuff animal displays and fish tanks. It was really quite amazing. Ducks flying across the wall, a school of fish being chased by a shark, tigers and giraffe. We went to look for a sleeping bag for our tour, but they were really expensive, so we decided to wait. We also stopped at the Premimum Outlets and grabbed a couple of things before taking the car back to the Flamingo.

Without the car we decided to get a monorail pass. The monorail runs every 5 minutes and stops at a few different places along the strip. We went to the Imperial Palace for the Auto Classic cars display. The real Elenor from Gone in 60 seconds was there and also a car that JF Kennedy used and Marilyn Munroe. We went to the Mirage, MGM and Excalibor. At the MGM we booked tickets for Ka, Cirque de sole. Everything you get a drink a drink here it seems to come in a giant plastic themed cup.

Went back to the Stratosphere to check in and try find our group. We were told there was supposed to be a sign that said when and where to meet, but there wasn’t. When we got to our room we called G-adventure Australia to try work out what was happening and asked them to leave us a message because we had to go to the show. Ka, was amazing…martial arts dancing kind of thing with a stage that rotated completed and went vertical and kept changing.When we got back we had no message, so we called g-adventres again. They told us to meet at Starbucks at 9am….made it just in time!