Cowboy country – Dallas/Fort Worth

Flying back into the states was pretty horrible. We lined up at immigration for over 2 & a half hours. They were so unorganised and under staff (there were about 60 desks but only 3 people working), that our queue would hardly move, because the later it got, the more people had to be moved to the front to get their connecting flights and there were so many people with wheelchairs that also kept going to the front. After eventually getting through, we took the shuttle to the car hire centre and decided to hire from Avis again.

We drove to Dallas, without much of a plan, except to get a drink and eat because we had left our hotel at 3am in the morning and didn’t get through the airport until nearly lunch time. We went to Pot Belly which is like subway but heaps better and used their wi-fi. We went to the museum on the 6th floor, which was an old book store that has now been converted to a museum. It was from here that Lee Oswald (apparently) shot President JFK, they have the boxes setup up by the window where he was and you can look outside to the Grassy Knoll. There was a free audio self-guide, which was good because we don’t know much American history.

We drove around for ages trying to find hotel room, pretty much all of Dallas was booked out. We had thought, being a Wednesday night, it would be easy to find a room, but apparently there was a zillion conferences on. We eventually went to the Hilton and paid a lot more that we had intended, but the bed was like sleeping in a soft giant fluffy white cloud, and like heaven after our last bed!

That night we ate in one of the hotel restaurants and drank a bottle of red…it was our last night America, so we may as well splurge! The next morning we drove to a premium outlet shopping centre to buy a couple of things, then had to race back to check out by 12pm.

After checking out we drove to Fort Worth and went to the Stockyards, a big old country western Texan place with longhorn bulls, cowboys and stuff. We paid $10 for all you can eat Texas BBQ ribs( not that we can eat that much) and walked around. There was a display/competition where these people had olden day tents/carriages and were cooking stuff in the ground. I got on one of the big bulls for a photo, he was so docile, but his horn span was over 2m and a bit scary. There is this big place called Billy Bobs that is is big honky tonk with stages, games, pool tables and even an indoor rodeo, but unfortunately there was nothing happening.

It was now time to go. We drove back to DFW airport to get ready for the long trip home.