Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Chichen Itza

We took the ADO bus from Playa to Cancun. It was about 2 hours and cost about $4 each. The hotel we chose for Cancun was called Dos Playas a small all-inclusive hotel next to the the pier for boats going to Isla Mujeres. This means island of women, because apparently mayan virgins used to pilgrimage there.

There was a bit of a stuff around to start with because we had booked it the night before with, but apparently it didn’t actually go through properly. Our room didn’t have a balcony, so we asked if we could change and the next day we moved to a room with a view over the ocean. We got to the room and realised the bed was heaps smaller and hard as a rock, but we couldn’t ask to be moved again!

It’s a weird thing, being in an all inclusive place, because all your drinks and food is free, so we kind of felt obliged to make the most of it! Every meal was a buffet and we drank cocktails all day….Every night it got windy, I mean really windy, like a hurricane was coming. But luckily it only rained once :)There was a big pool and a couple of guys there to organise activities during the day, like beach/pool volleyball, yoga and ping pong. The guys were Ivan and Angel and were really nice and fun, they also take guests to clubs at night and party with them…tough job hey!

Isla Mujeres

On one day we went over to Isla Mujeres to the Dolphin Discovery centre. Instead of being in a pool like most places, this place made enclosures in the ocean. There were about 23 dolphins and also dugong, nurse sharks, sting rays and seals.We got to kiss, pat, splash, talk to, play ball and hold our dolphins, called Picasso and Valle. They also took us for a ride by holding their dorsal fin and also a foot push where they would both swim up behind you and each would push you up out of the water with their noses. It was amazing…I thought that we would just fall flat on our faces, but they knew how to balance us…they were so beautiful…

Chichen Itza

On another day we went on an organised tour to Chichen Itza. We went to a Mayan town/shop first to people could buy ‘authentic’ souvenirs and then we went to a restaurant (buffet again) that had some mayan food and a few dances. The notable thing was the lime soup. Chichen Itza is another mayan ruins site, but this one has been restored and you cannot climb the pyramids. They have this awesome feature where if you stand between the main buildings and clap, then it makes with kind whistle up the stairs and the clap echos all around, but if you take a few steps off the sweet spot, then you cannot hear it anymore. This was apparently one of the tricks the high priests used to use. There is also another sound phenomena on the ball field where you can talk at one end and 100m away at the other end you can hear it echo perfectly.

Afterwards we went to a cenote for a swim to cool off. This one was one giant circular hole in the forest. I think it might have beautiful in the day, but it was a bit dark by the time we got there and so the water was really dark, but still super duper clear.