Cotswalds, Bath, Stonehenge

Cotswalds, Bath, Stonehenge

We first stopped in at Oxford to see the university and have some lunch. We then headed up to Moreton-in-Marsh. It was freezing and so foggy. Looking out the window all you could see was white from about 5m. Each village is so quaint and cute and have the coolest names. They are all from Roman times. We also checked out Stow-on-the-Wold. There are cute little markets and shops scattered around. We went into this old toy shop and the man turned on this big automated puppet show with heaps of different cartoon characters.

We spent the night in a B&B in Burton-on-the-Water. There is a river that runs through the town with little bridges crossing over. They call it England’s answer to Venice. Chris and I had our own apartment out the back with 2 bedrooms and a big bath. The girls stayed on the top floor of the hotel side. We spent the night eating, drinking and playing pool.

The next morning we went to the mini village that was convienent located at the back of our B&B. It was a mini version of Burton-on-the-Water. It was so perfect even down to the cracks in the roads and the trees and shop windows.

After this we headed down to Bath. We went to visit the old Roman Thermal Baths and got the audio tour. The water was really warm and there was heaps of steam coming off it. It’s a weird greeny colour though and you cannot go swimming. In the sacred pool area they have set up this projector so it looks like some ancient Roman men are hanging out there about to have a dip…very cool. There were some Christmas markets on so we had a look around then finished off with a nice pub lunch.

On the way back to London we went via Stonehenge. It is a little disappointing to be honest. There is no mystical surrounds or winding paths. They have built a major highway right next to it…kinda kills the mood. When we got there it was freezing and raining to we only spent about 5mins taking a few shots.