We’ve decided that Florence is the most beautiful city we have seen so far. The cobble stone streets, side walk cafes, markets, amazing aarchitecture river, bridges and gardens all combine to make this city, one of a kind. We checked into our hostel, which after a mission to find, was really nice. Our hostel manager lady Christina was really helpful.

\We first went out on our own, itching to explore the markets down the road. Chris got a belt with a big Independent logo belt buckel. Emily got some lamb skin gloves for winter. Florence is quite small and were were at the Duomo, with the famous red dome in no time. This building is HUGE, and so beautiful. We were going to go up it but we were in shorts, and they weren’t allowed. So we headed on up to the Galleria dell’ Accademia where ‘David’ lives. He is massive, but not very well endowed, and he really is beautiful. I feel like I say beautiful every 2 seconds…but everything really is!

After a few hours in this Gallery we went back to the hostel to try book tickets for the Uffizi Gallery where works for Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and Michaelangelo, just to name a few, are. After searching our selves we enlisted the help of Christina and she called the gallery only to find out there was a strike the next day, and the following day was booked out. But trustly little Christina had contacts on the inside and arranged for us to meet a woman there with tickets for us. Thanks Ciara!! It was well worth it. There is sooooo much artwork in there, my mind is still trying to process it all.

For dinner we went to a restaurant Chris had researched for the best Florinene steak. And it was good, especially washed down with a glass of Chiani. I had gnocci, and it was sooo much better than any I’ve head before. Love Italian food!!