Mynokos was a great place to end our holiday. Although our first impression was not so good. The cabins we stayed at at Paradise beach was not really a cabin but a permanent tent- consisting of 4 walls, 1 window, 1 door and 2 little beds. Compared to a beach hut it was awful but compared to camping in a tent it was great! It was quite hot and stuff inside but everyone spent all their time outside.

The beach is really nice, there are bars with DJs playing fucky tunes, cocktails, water sports etc. It was the beginning of the season so it wasn’t that hot and it wasn’t crowded. You had to hire beach umbrellas or sun beds for like 5eur/hour so we went to the shop up the road and bought these 2 bamboo matts for like 1.50 each! Bargin.

Mykonos town is a winding maze of little white alley ways and millions of shops. We spent quite a few hours looking through them! I really wish we had bought more when we were in Egypt because it was soooooooooooooooo cheap! But because I was scared of running out of money and we went the Egypt first I ended up buying most things in Greece.

We did 2 dives in Mykonos. It was totally different to diving in Australia or Egypt. Mykonos island is surrounded by underwater grassy mountains and microlife so instead of coral and big impressive fish, it is all grassy (I half expected to see a dugong come swimming out!) and there are big schools of little fish.

There is broken bit of ancient pots and stuff on the bottom which is amazing. You are allowed to pick them up and look at them but you have to put them back.

In Mykonos it was the first time we actually made time to go sunbaking, it was so nice to get up in the morning, have a bit of breaky and have nothing planned for the day except, cocktails, book reading and sunbaking!

We were so sad to leave. It was the best holiday we have had so far I think. We did everything we wanted to do and more!!