Dahab Diving

Arrived in Sharm el Sheik on Tuesday 13th 9.15pm, after waiting for quite a while for our luggage to turn up we found our driver with a cute little ‘Emily’ sign and headed off to Dahab. Another English guy, Dom was also staying at Penguin Divers and came in the taxi with us. The landscape is amazing, so dry and barren with huge sandy mountains on all sides. Then you get to Dahab and it is this amazing little town all built around the water front with mountains of big pillows, rugs and palm trees swaying in the wind. Everyone is relaxed and super friendly, sitting around reading, quietly chatting, smoking sheeshas and taking in the serenity.

We were up and at ‘school’ at 8am the next morning as we had to catch up on the videos the other guy, Nick from South Africa had already watched the night before. So there were 3 in our class and our instructor, Hamdley. The class room was this tiny little room with 2 couches and a TV where we watched our videos and did our questions. The guys from the restaurant would bring us our breakfast while we were studying! The typical Egyptian breakfast is falafels, babaganoush, hommus, pita bread and some salad. They also had English breakfast, American (pancakes), Continental, or Cornflakes! Such a great way to start the day.
We were straight into the prac, learning how to rig up the off to the Lighthouse beach to start our dives. It was great fun doing all the little exercise, like taking the regulator out, flooding then fixing your mask etc etc. After completing our mandatory exercises Hamdley would take us around on a fun dive. The coral and sea life are awesome. We saw a stone fish and a trumpet fish on our first dive amongst heaps of others.

That night we went into town and had an Egyptian pizza. It is delicious. They get this dough and spread it out so it is massive and then put the topping on the fold it up and bake it, then bring it back out and put more topping on, then bake it again. So it is like a double decker thin and crispy! Sooooo good and only E15 (that is about 1.50 pounds).

The next day we went back down to the same place for much of the same dive stuff. On the third day we went to a place called Moray Garden, we only saw 1 eel though and it was white!

Nick went on to do his Advanced course and Chris and I bummed around, reading, sunbaking and just chilling out. In just a few days you feel like you have been away for weeks!

Yesterday we went quad bike riding up past a lagoon where people go wind surfing then up into the mountain dunes to a Bedouin oasis. Amazing…

The food here is awesome and cheap! The seafood is all caught by the Bedouins at night then brought in the next morning. Nick, Gail (his girlfriend), Dom, Chris and I all went out for dinner a few times together. Last night we went to this seafood restaurant where you pick the fish/seafood from the ice then they grill it up for you and it comes with plates of rice, soup, pita, hommous, babaganoush, the works! Our whole red snapper cost us E100!!!

EasyJet – London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh. 13:55 – 21:10. £209.46
Accommodation 7 nights and dive course – Penguin Divers – £389.54