Brighton – Snow on the beach

Happy Easter Bunnies

We had a really nice Easter full of fatty food, sleep, snow and snuggles!

Thursday night was spent on the couch with our flatties eating pizza. Then on Friday we spent the day walking around Borough Markets and had lamb souvlaki for lunch. Then came home and made a fresh loaf of bread then dinner and spent some more time on the couch, keeping an eye out for the promised snow.

Woke up early Saturday morning to HAIL!!! Not quite what we wanted but still fun! Chris even filmed getting pelted in the head by the little balls! Then we went to the movies at the O2 and saw the Bank Job! A great film if any of you are thinking of going, and while you’re watching it remember that we’re been to most of the places in the movie! 🙂 Anyway, afterwards we went out for Chinese and ate until we nearly popped…and no it wasn’t buffet and yes we did drink a bottle of wine. Needless to say the wine and full tummy sent us to bed early!

Sunday morning and it was SNOWING – soft, pretty, gently floating snow! It was so pretty. Lauren, our Aussie flatmate came banging on our door yelling “It’s really snowing, it’s really snowing!” So we were all outside in our pajamas taking photos and making a racket. There wasn’t even enough snow to settle but it was still falling out of the sky and we were still excited! The three of us went to St Paul’s Cathedral for the Sung Eucharist (Communion). It was pretty packed but luckily we got a seat. Photography wasn’t allowed but people were still giving it a go! Lauren and Chris are both Catholic so they knew when to say all the words. I liked the bishop man and his shiny hat and big staff! The choir boys sounded beautiful and there was this amazing huge trumpet/organ thing up the back of the hall. After all that prayer and singing we headed across the road to tackle the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. They make burgers the size of your head. Chris cleaned his up. I ate nearly all mine and Lauren ate about 1 third…a very poor, sad effort 🙂

We wanted to go exploring somewhere afterwards so we jumped back on the tube and went to Nottinghill. I wanted to go to Portobello Markets but Lauren had already been so we went on this mega mission to find some rooftop gardens…it was really really cold and we couldn’t even find them so we went home to thaw out!

Sunday night, Chris and I went to Ministry of Sound for a Drums’n’Bass night. Ministry is not as big as we expected but it does have 4 different rooms. The music they were playing wasn’t really for us at all. I thought it would be chunky, jungle kinda music but it was insane ADD kids music in 1 big room, shit music in the other big room, 1 room was alright and had heaps of disco balls and the 4th room was RnB. We made a disgracefully early exit. Having said all that…on a night with an awesome DJ that you loved, it would be a well wicked night!!

On the plus side we woke up bright, early and refreshed on Easter Monday morning and decided to make the trek to Brighton. It was snowing again and on the train ride out we could see the snow on rooftops and cars along the way. We got there for lunch time and walked down the beach (*cough* I mean the pile of stones between the ocean and the land), poked around the few remaining stalls and made our way down to the pier. It’s huge! And it has a theme park on the end of it with some crazy looking rides! In Brighton there are heaps of gays, hippies, fish & chip shops and tarot card readers??

Brighton was so cold and the weather was loco! It was cloudy, then sunny, then rainy, then snowy, then rainy, then sunny…but always COLD!! We went to this cute little cafe and had really nice fish and chips and I had a XXXX on tap – it tastes like water! The first time we’ve seen XXXX in a year is in a little cafe in Brighton! We went on this big walk up and down the esplanade to find the coloured little beach shacks but after millions of miles we were told that they were ages away…next time! After much dilemma on whether to stay and freeze or go home and be warm, we decided to make our minds up over a jug of cocktail or 2! Fergus, this rad lad Chris knows from Cairns is living in Brighton so he met up with us for a few beers and some good old Aussie reminiscing and AUS vs UK comparisons. We’re going to go back down and party with him when it warms up a little!

We got on the last express train back to London Bridge at 8.30. I fell asleep on Chris’s shoulder as per usual and we were home in a flash! After a quick meal of fried rice and stir fry veg we breathed a sigh of relieve and thought … It’s been a good week … and we drifted off into peaceful oblivion!

….until the damn alarm clock went off at 5.30am this morning!!