Christmas in Paris

We took the Eurostar from the newly refurbished St Pancras International station on Christmas Eve morning. Trains are the best way to travel so the trip was great except that we were both a bit fluy. The best thing about traveling by Eurostar is it takes you to the Gaud de Nord station in the middle of Paris so you only have to go down the escalators to jump on the metro.

We went straight to our hotel where we’d booked a cute little studio room with kitchen, bath and balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower… so romantic. Citea hotel 43, rue Saint Charles – 75015 PARIS. 1 studio apartment – 78€ / night

So after stocking up our fridge from the little corner store and saying “merci”, “bonjour” and “au revoir” to REAL French people we strolled over to the Eiffel tower. It is a amazing structure and it is massive! There are little red elevators that take you up to the various levels. If you go there, be prepared for 5000 very persistent men trying to sell glowing statues and keyrings!!
We went to this little cafe and got a french onion soup each to warm us up. It was the strangest soup with big bits of very cheesy toast covering it. After this Chris started to feel really sick so we went back to our hotel room and I spent the night playing nurse and putting wet towels on his head to stop his fever and watching the Simpsons in French…such a spin out!

The next day (Christmas Day) we had planned to go to Disney land but because Chris was still feeling pretty sick we decided to do some sightseeing around the city instead. We went back passed the Eiffel tower and across the river onto these little islands in the middle. We got to the Notre Dame just in time for a large group of maybe 20 police on motorbikes with their sirens on escorting a waving Santa through the city…very exciting!! The Notre Dame is amazing…it is covered in statues of all sorts of thing. They must have been having mass because there was some rad choir singing going on. The line up to get in was massive, I can’t imagine how it would be in summer

We then went to the Louvre and looked around the outside and park area. The actual museum was shut because it was Christmas day so we went back home then went out for dinner.

Boxing Day was Disneyland day!! It was so much fun…it was like being in a fairy tale…with LOTS of shops 🙂 There is Disneyland and Walt Disney studios and our ticket gave us entry to both.There was a procession with fake snow leading up to the Disney Tower which was super cute. We watched Mickey Mouse & Co ice skating musical, but had no idea what they were saying! There are areas with their own rides, stalls and food courts for the different movies – Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Pirate of the Caribbean … such a fun and magical day!

The next day we went into the Louvre and saw heaps of amazing paintings including Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa!!! It was very exciting. We also went on a ferris wheel and got some great shots of the city.