London – The Silly Season!


You know how when you do your Christmas shopping and there is just people everywhere trying to get the latest Jamie Oliver Cook Book, Victoria Beckham perfume and pick up some mistletoe for the archway in the hall. Well what an experience doing this in London were there is a population of 7 1/2 Million people and 2/3 on public transport. If you want to feel like a tin sardine this is the time of the year to do it, people with more shopping then what they now what to do with, all trying to fit into a train! This time of year is crazy but so much fun. Oxford street is just a sea of people when they block off the street so people can do there gift shopping without getting run over. All down the street the carol’s are being sung on every street corner it’s great!!

Event’s / Christmas Parties are always a good time. There is nothing better the the words FREE DRINKS it just has a certain oar about it that draws out the inner party animal. Emily’s first Christmas party for her work was a blinder, well in saying that i had to work but Emily had a huge night sipping champagne and eating canapes in a Moroccan style club in Soho. Ended in her leaving her bag in the cab which had the house keys and phone in it. So after waiting out side the house in 3 degrees for a few hours i arrived home to find Emily huddled up to the front door. ( Classic ) I think we have pored more champagne here then most Australian’s will pour beer down there throat in a life time… Working here over Christmas was a 60hr a week job getting people drunk… There is nothing funner then working a black tie Christmas ball when at the end of the night there is always one guy who has the red wine all down the front of his dinner suit but still trying to get more alcohol from the bar. Christmas what a pissed time of year ( I love it )

New Years Eve London 2007/8 we started out at home getting ready for a big night putting on some fly new years eve wear on and sinking a few cheeky vodka’s, pumping the tunes through the quality 1 pound store speakers and just being silly buggers.. Then got on the tube into Westminster to watch the best fire works in Europe. Meeting up with friends Erin, Ben and his sister we sat in the wet cold vibe wreaking weather for about 3 1/2 hours until the Big Ben clock struck dead on Midnight and the sky’s came alive with the biggest BANG CRACK fire works we have seen in our life. Falling from the London eye like a waterfall is was just wicked .. After the show we shook off our hair and jackets like a dog that just got out from the river and shuffled along the road towards some form of public transport with the other 350,000 people. Making our way to a tube station about 4km away we finely made ourselfs in tetras pieces and wiggled in and were on our way to Turnmills Super Club. Along the way we both started to feel funny from being jammed in the tube and from being stuck in that weather for hours! When we had to make a quick exit off the train before Emily passed out, Just as i got her out the door she pretty much fell to the ground and i had to take her jacket off her as she was boiling up !!! mate you could have cooked a roast in there she was so hot … After trying to get back on the train a few times, as much as we both wanted to go dance our ass off all night long we knew it just was not going to happen tonight!