¬°Hola de Espana!

Our trip to Spain did not start out too well as ryan air delayed our flight by about 2 hours and we didn’t get to our hostel until 2am and on top of that the next morning was overcast.

We were staying in this nice youth hostel with a good vibe and which was at the top of the famous La Rambla. We went out on a guided tour around Barcelona’s gothic city which lasted about 5 mins then it got canceled because of the rain, arr well !!

No clouds or rain were going to stop us however Chris and I ventured out into the city of amazing architecture and parks, long sandy beaches, warm days and friendly people under our 5 euro Barcelona umbrella ella ella…. So we walked all the way down this crazy street until we hit the marina. La Rambla is a world of it’s own…it is so packed with tourists…you can buy animals, birds, clothes, food, drink. There is a market just off to the side at sells all different kinds of food, from fruit, to lollies, to legs of pork (hoof and all) and we even saw some dogs…Emily nearly threw up.

With so much to see in just 1 week we had a lot of ground to cover. We decided to take the Barcelona tour on and off bus around so we could get off and see the sight we had only read about.

We spent so much time walking around discovering amazing buildings, artifacts, parks, sculptures etc etc. We had a few nights out but mostly we’d stop in a bars here and here just for a little beer, sangria or vino. Lazing on the sunny beach, but not swimming cos it was wayyyy too cold!

The one bad point about Spain is the coffee…all coffee lovers beware…it’s not just that the coffee is bad but they use UHT milk as well. Another point that I should bring up here is Erin.
Poor Erin got her bag stolen at the Barcelona bus stop. Thankfully she had her passport in a different bag.

I can’t even begin to describe the architecture … just look at the photos and you will get a little bit of an idea. Gaudi’s stuff is breath-taking…amazing.

We moved into a different hostel with a private room like a hotel for 3 nights over the weekend which was wonderful! Then back to the hostel. One of our nights out was on the hostel organised flamingo dancing, tapas and night club tour.