We just got back from Norway and had an amazing time with Emily’s old uni volleyball partner (Karoline), her boyfriend (Erik) and their baby (Cecelia).

We did lots of hiking and sight seeing. Erik is a ski instructor for the Norwegian junior squad so he told us lots about skiing and took us to this huge ski jump (no snow on it at the moment though) and to a ski museum. He is also a qualified sky diver and scuba diver! On the weekend they took us up to Karoline’s aunty’s cabin in the mountains. It is sooooooooooo beautiful up there. It is picture perfect with the mountains mirrored on the lakes and fjords. There is still some snow on top of the mountains and glaciers and we played in the snow, building weird snow men, snow ball fights, plastic bag sliding …. hahahaha. We also went fishing, but there were too many mozzies for the fish to eat so we didn’t catch any. It was too cold to stay outside anyway!

One one night we had drinks around the webber and made mountain style wood fired webber nachos. You all need to try cooking nachos this way. It is amazing 🙂

On the last day we went to this big amusement park in Oslo. It has this crazy roller coaster called the speed machine which takes off like a drag car and twists as well as loops. There is also this really old roller coaster that is made completely of pine wood. Looking under it is like looking at this crazy forest of stacked timber. It was super scary and even went under ground.

We learnt a few norwegian words, most of them were in baby language because their baby (Cecelia) kept saying things like “Mein” – mine, and “Nai” – No and “Ece” – icecream! hahaha … so we can say “NO, icecream is MINE!!!!!” and a few other things too. We also learnt some norwegian card games and chris got super drunk on some crazy norwegian liqueur that was like a fisherman’s friend lolly.