Well after a few tearful goodbyes we have finally started our journey to conquer the world. First stop: Bangkok, the city of tuk tuk and ping pong shows!! (You want sex? Sex dvd? hahaha)

Landed at about 9.30 local time (12.30 aus time) bartered a taxi to take us to our accomodation. A cute little bed and breakfast called Tuptim. And that is exactly what we got: 1 bed and 1 breakfast! But it had air con…so good. After settling into our room we chained our bags to the bed and went for a beer and contemplated whether we had made the right decision. The answer was yes.

Next day we had planned to walk around the local area…we got 10 meters then was bailed up by a tuk tuk poacher. Who quickly wisked us away to 5 locations: Big Buddah, Happy Buddah, Golden Mountain, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and 2 sneaky tailors. The fare was only 20baht which is about $1. Tuk tuks are so cheap because they make you visit tailors and other such places that give them fuel vouchers for bring poor unsuspecting tourists to their shop. The TAT was really good though. A big pommy guy called Steve (whom the Thais named Little Elephant) helped us organise our trip. So now all our remaining transport, transfers and accomodation is booked and paid for. No more worries…just in search of sunrise.

We are going to Chaing Mai tonight by overnight train. Tomorrow we relax and explore then the next we go on a mini-trek which includes an elephant ride and bamboo rafting. I hope our white-water rafting expertise is handy here

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